Friday, May 1, 2009

Abandoned but printed!

Well, first of all, I was doing everyone a favor by staying after school to work on Algebra. Mom was visiting Grandma, and said she would be there at the school to pick me up when my torture session, I mean, Algebra study time, was over.
She wasn't.
So I called her from the school phone, I called from my cousin's cell phone, I called as loud as I could yell.
No luck.
So I walked to my cousin's house with him. Then my aunt drove me home. (No, I'm not a wimp. It was seven miles!)
The highlight of the day is that my local bookstore showed Mom an ordering flyer with my book on it. We should be able to pick up copies next week. If Mom won't leave me behind in Springville, I guess I'll forgive her.


  1. I saw the ARC copy of Bone Warriors at the Storymakers' Conference. It looked so cool! And I was tickled that you mentioned my name as a proof reader, and that I always send a birthday card. :) You're a good guy, Bron!

  2. Don't feel bad - my mom waited till I was on my mission and MOVED AWAY! LOL (she did give me her forwarding address, luckily!)