Thursday, July 9, 2009

Great review from Sheila Staley!

Hey, I got a new review from Sheila Staley! Click right here to read it: Why Not? Because I Said So! (Sounds a little bit like my mom!)
Thanks for doing this, Sheila.
I've been writing a lot lately, at least 600 words a day, sometimes over a thousand. This comes after my mom said I should set a goal of how many words I would write every day. I decided on one hundred, but I'm doing better than that, and I keep getting ideas to fix plot holes as I write.
When I'm not writing, I'm working on making a pair of dragon wings. They look pretty cool.


  1. Bron you are welcome. I can't wait for the next book to come out.

    Also, you are spot on when it comes to the name of my blog,"Why Not Because I Said So". When I first started my blog I was trying to come up with an original name. My kids were complaining about doing some chores and were asking, "Why do I have to do that?" Of course being a Mom, I answered, "Because I said so!...and my blog name was born. :)

  2. A big CONGRATS to the famous Bron Bahlman. I hope all goes well!

    Laurie Allen

  3. As I was driving north out of Ephraim yesterday, I happened to catch a pair of cyclists out of my left peripheral vision. I did a double take when I realized it was my friend Shirley and her little monkey on non-traditional style cycles. I smiled real big and thought of the unicycle book. You are so awesome! Thanks for making me smile again and again. Congrats on all you simply amaze me!
    love, Marilee