Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fish Can Be Harmful to Your Health

I had a good time at Logan's school visits, book signing (on a snowy, snowy night!) and the Bone Warriors book reading. But the most exciting thing is that I got a new laptop. What is interesting is that my old laptop barely let me get my new book off it before it shut down. I still have notes on there for other books, so we may have to take it into a computer shop or something to try and get those off. All I can say is, it was time for a new laptop!
Apparently I'm better at traveling and speaking than being at home, because when I was carrying a jug downstairs to fill with water for my fish tank, I fell, somehow tearing the flesh pad off the bottom of my big toe. Dad took me in for stitches and I didn't go to school that day.
I got another thousand words done!


  1. Hmmm, I'm thinking there might be better ways to get out of going to school. Maybe next time try the Swine flu. :)

    Hope your toe is feeling better!

  2. Happy birthday, Bron. So sorry about your accident, but it seems that you made good use of your down time! Hope your birthday is wonderful!

  3. bravo your brilliant and thats all im saying bron!!! lol :)

  4. If I try the swine flu, I might have to wear a pig nose. I heard that the Swine Floozey was the most popular Halloween costume this year!