Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Saving Mom's car

Mom took me to Emery County, Utah, for some school visits. I talked so much I wasn't sure I could talk again, but it was fun.
On our way home, we drove over Fairview Canyon instead of going around through Salina. It was shorter, but it also was more dangerous when Mom went around a curve and hit a rock. It scraped along the ground and she yelled, "Oh, no, I broke the car, I broke the car!"
"Mom, pull over," I said. I told her to turn off the engine and set the emergency brake, then I crawled under the car and pulled out a big, square rock that had fallen off the mountain. A lady stopped and drove Mom to a tow truck place while I stayed with the car. A truck drove by, slowed, took a look at the big puddle of oil running down the canyon road like dark blood, and sped up to leave me behind.
We got towed to a garage and Dad came and got us.
Mom says I saved the day.
I don't know about the day, but I'm pretty sure I saved her car engine.

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