Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Thai Food Tastes Funny

When we were in Salt Lake visiting my brother, Scott, we went to a Thai restaurant. I ordered this noodle mushroom thing that even Mom thought looked good, but when it came, I couldn't eat it. She tried a bite and coughed, then asked the waitress if it could be exchanged. The waitress said in her Thai accent that on the menu it said it had jalapeno peppers in it.
I ate some of my little brother's sweet and sour orange chicken.
Then the waitress came back and said they'd make a different noodle dish for me.
I still didn't like it.
Mom boxed it up and shared it with my brothers, one of who has spent time with Cambodians, and thought it was pretty tasty.
I'll have a bacon burger, thank you.


  1. Hey! you forgot about the yummy sushi that we ate. That wasn't bad was it?

  2. yeah, but that was after the Thai food. The octopus leg wasn't really so bad. I think they should put some in school lunch.

  3. Hey, I'm with you ... a bacon cheeseburger sounds good!