Monday, February 22, 2010

State Capitol signing

I just got back from signing "Bone Warriors" at the Utah State Capitol. A lot of schools were there and a lot of kids stopped by. A Deseret News reporter interviewed me, took pictures, and said he'd put it in the paper, but I haven't seen it yet. Another reporter wanted a political book or one on homeschooling. I don't understand why he wouldn't be looking for a wicked necromancer in Medieval times.
Besides signings, we got to sit in on some legislature going on. While we watched, they passed a law that owners of animals hit on a livestock highway are to be contacted about the dead animal. Their votes were up on a screen that we could see, and the names turned green and had an "X" when they voted "yes." Dad said he thought that was already a law so owners would pay for any damages.
Well, now it really is a law. Just in case you wanted to know.

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  1. That's really cool. How did you land a gig at the State Capitol?