Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sunday Woes

I had a rough Sunday. When I grabbed my clothes and headed out the door for a shower, I bumped into a plastic bag Mom had hung on my doorknob, filled with some of my stuff. When I bumped into the bag, it took me by surprise and I nearly fell down the stairs. After showering in cold water that took a long time to get warm, I put on my shirt only to realize that it was too tight (like a noose around my neck) and missing buttons, but I didn't have time to change or I'd be late for church. when I hurriedly threw some stuff up the stairs to put away later, I clonked my head on the doorjamb. When I reached for my tithing money, I knocked a picture off the wall and broke the frame. I blame my sore arms from working out with weights.
I ended up going to church anyway, and survived!

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  1. oh my you're a smartie. i hate those days. :P oh well