Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weird things in Vegas

I got to spend a few days with my brother, Andy in Las Vegas. It was an interesting trip. I got to shoot a machine gun, and I saw a dead guy. (NO, it wasn't from my shooting! He was by the road as we were leaving, and some city coroner was putting on plastic gloves. When my mom asked what he looked like, I said, "Dead.")

Friday, June 19, 2009

Hanging out in Vegas

I went to Las Vegas with my brother, Zack, to babysit our brother, Andy's, 3 kids. When I get back, I get to sign books at the Mormon Miracle Pageant in Manti. My mom already sold half a dozen without me!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Teen Writers Conference

It was great to be at the teen writers conference in Ogden, Utah on Saturday June 6. I got to hang out with some great authors I admire and meet some new people about my age who also like writing.
In the top picture, I'm with some writer friends Kim Wayman, Kimi Poulson, and Holly Bishop. In the next photo, I'm signing books. I got to answer some questions on the panel, (in the next picture), although I'll admit that the one about what college degree I got before being published had me stumped. I could only answer that I graduated at the top of my kindergarten class.
For the "What ideas do you start with?" question, I was in favor of asking yourself "What if?" questions, such as, "What if instead of nice town names like "Mt. Pleasant," "Fountain Green," and "Fairview," there was a place named "Crappy Average Town?" What kind of people would live there? What kind of jobs would they do?
Unknown to me, one of the girls in the audience was from Mt. Pleasant, and said so after I spoke!
The worst part of the whole conference was at the end when my little brother sat in the aisle to take pictures of me and ended up picking a scab off his leg. Ew! You can see my annoying little brother in the second to last picture, where he's standing by me. We're both in back of author Jessica Day George. All the rest of it was pretty good. I'm glad I could go, as you can see from my smile in the last picture where I'm standing with some other great authors, Lisa Mangum, J. Scott Savage, and James Dashner. I'm their hero.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More Bone Warrior Reviews!

Hey, the awesome Karlene Browning reviewed "Bone Warriors" at her InkSplasher blog. CLICK to check it out!
Not only that, but Cindy Beck, (who is the acknowledgments of "Bone Warriors" by the way), also gave her review at Write Up My Alley. (It's the second blog down, dated May 30.)
Thanks to these ladies for their time to review.