Saturday, August 28, 2010

School stuff

With school coming up, I've been practicing sleeping at night and staying awake in the day. I've gotten pretty good at it.
It's not that I really look forward to school, but in a way I do, for seeing people and stuff, but having to sit in classrooms is rather low on my list of favorite activities. But with 10 years behind me and two more to go, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel... no, wait, that's when you die, right?
So what does that say about school, huh?
That's what I thought.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Chocolate pudding alert

If my mom offers to make you chocolate pudding, be sure you get a good look at the box first. She offered to make me some, and when she brought it to me, brimming with whipped cream, I was appreciative.
Then I tasted it.
"This tastes funny," I said.
Mom looked guilty. "That's because I couldn't find any chocolate pudding," she said. "We only had vanilla, so I put Ovaltine in it."
No wonder it tasted funny. She ruined some good vanilla pudding and some good Ovaltine.
The next time we went to the store, she carried out about 10 boxes of chocolate pudding. If you come over right now, you should be good to go.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Sad Truth Girls Need to Realize About Twilight

by Bron Bahlmann

Oh deary me,
How it makes me laugh to see,
The obsession girls all have with Jacob Black,
Tough luck, bad news, he can't love you back.
I'm an author I write books,
So put away your dirty looks,
I know about this stuff,
And I know the news is rough,
But Jacob is a work of fiction,
About that there can be no contradiction,
When you say you love him again and again,
Your claiming your love for Stephanies brain,
Thats really all he is a thought somewere in her head,
You'd be better of loving someone who's dead,
They were real, made of flesh and bone,
But those are things Jacob has never known,
By all means think i'm jelouse and just not as good,
But i'm sorry to say this, jacob doesnt have the priesthood.
He cant bless the sacrament, and cant baptize the dead,
After all, he's a thought in Stephanies head,
I dont look like him and im not a "sexy beast"
I am a human though, and have a brain at least,
I dont have a crooked smile or cool tattoo,
But at least I can look in your eyes and say I love you,
So Edward has eternal life,
So will you if you become my wife,
A temple marriage is something I can share,
Even if im not real strong with lucious locks of hair,
I'm sorry if you want half dead kids, or ones with lots of hair,
All I can offer my future children is scriptures and daily prayer,
So if thats not good enough for you then by all means love Jacob Black,
But sorry to say, he can never love you back.